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Chiqui Mendoza, born in 1964, is an esteemed Dominican artist renowned for his exceptional work in the realm of painting and drawing. Currently based in New York City, Mendoza has carved a niche for himself in the international art scene through his unique artistic expression and dedication to the craft.

Early Years and Education
Mendoza’s journey in the arts commenced at a remarkably young age. By 13, he was already honing his skills at the prestigious Santiago School of Bellas Artes, a testament to his early passion and talent in the field. It was here that he received his classical training in painting, laying the foundation for his later successes.

Professional Milestones
After completing his education in Arts, Mendoza’s dedication to his alma mater and the broader art community led him back to the Santiago School of Bellas Artes. He served with distinction first as a Visual Arts professor and later ascended to the role of General Director, influencing a new generation of artists through his expertise and experience.

Artistic Accomplishments
Chiqui Mendoza’s artistic career is marked by numerous achievements, including a series of both solo and group exhibitions. These exhibitions, showcased in the Dominican Republic and New York City, have allowed him to present his work to a diverse and international audience, further solidifying his status as a globally recognized artist.

Awards and Recognitions
Mendoza’s skill and creativity have not gone unnoticed in the art community. He has been a recipient of multiple awards, honoring his outstanding contributions in the realms of painting and drawing. These accolades are a testament to his mastery and the high regard in which he is held by his peers and critics alike.

Legacy and Influence
Chiqui Mendoza continues to be an influential figure in the world of art. His works not only showcase his individual talent but also embody the rich cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. As an artist and an educator, he remains committed to inspiring and shaping future talents in the visual arts.

Contact and Further Information
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